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Acer palmatum plants, also known as Japanese maple, palmate maple or smooth Japanese-maple, are a species of woody plant that comes from East Asia; namely Japan and China. Comprising of a wide variety of different colours and styles, in different forms and leaf shapes, we stock many types of this beautiful plant.

The Acer palmatum plants are deciduous shrubs that can reach heights of up to 10m – and in some cases 16 metres – meaning that it’ll make a beautiful impact within your garden. Initially beginning as a hemisphere shape, the Acer palmatum matures into a dome-like form, with leaves between 4-12cm long and wide.

There are three main subspecies of Acer palmatum recognised worldwide:

Acer palmatum subspecies. Palmatum: small leaves between 4-7cm, generally found with between five and seven lobes and seed wings of 10-15mm. Seldom found in Hokkaido, but generally native to Japan.
Acer palmatum subspecies. Amoenum: larger leaves between 6-12cm wide, with seven to nine lobes and seed wings of 20-25mm. Typical to higher altitudes in Japan and South Korea.

Acer palmatum subspecies. Matsumurae: largest leaves between 6-12cm, typically seven lobes (very seldom five or nine), seed wings 15-22mm. Generally found in higher altitudes throughout Japan.

Peruse our selection of this delightful plant for your own home and garden and don’t hesitate to contact us here at Imberhorne Lane Nursery with any queries you may have regarding the maintenance of the Acer palmatum, or Japanese maple.

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