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Herbaceous Perennials

We stock a wide range of herbaceous perennial plants. They are the essential ingredient for the mixed border. They die back down to the ground over winter and then reappear in the spring giving colour and interest throughout the summer. Some of the plants, for example hardy geraniums, lend themselves to being divided in Spring, this gives you more plants and also helps prevent certain plants hijacking the border.

The plants thrive in most soils unless stated otherwise. They will benefit from being placed in a bucket of water for 10 minutes before planting out to give the root ball a good soaking.

Acid Soil (28)
Alkaline Soil (29)
Bees (28)
Butterflies (28)
Deciduous (29)
Foliage (28)
Hardy (28)
Herbaceous (28)
Leaf Colour (28)
Neutral Soil (29)
Partial Shade (28)
Shade (28)
Summer Flowering (28)
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